Granite Hearths

Welcome to our Granite Hearths Page! We hope you like the variety we offer and look forward to helping you with your hearth.A Granite Hearth cut to size is a great base for any stove.!

Granite Hearths Inverness

Black Granite T Shape Hearth

Material Info

Our Granite is an increasingly popular choice for hearths and this is why  .

(1) Granite combines good looks and color variations which means that you can  find a hearth you like.
(2) This stone has strength and scratch resistance  which means that  this type of hearth is very durable.
(3)We source and check the material ourselves which means good quality.

To enlarge on the above.

Our granite is a very hard and uniform material which means it retains its look well. We offer options as highly polished or honed, the latter a silk finish which is  a popular option. As the stone is to some extent porous ask us about sealing options

How thick are  our granite hearths?

Normally thickness is either 20 or 30mm   .

What shapes do we provide?

We offer everything from a basic rectangle through t-shape to circular which means complete flexibility for you.Cut to size for your template is exactly what you get!

What colors are available in granite?

Look at our materials or gallery page which allows you to see the options.Alternatively you can phone or email us as we often have new and different stock.Our new Titanium  is really special!

Do you deliver?

Yes.To see your options look at our delivery page

Add to that the variety of finishes and shapes which  feature our gallery and you will be convinced. Call or Email us now!

What Else might you need?

Apart from Hearthstones we provide a wide range of complementary stone including tiles and worktops.See our sister site Stonesource for more information

Finally if you want to see how our customers view us  just look at our Testimonials page.

  • Star Galaxy Granite showing surface and corner edging detail

  • Highly Reflective Black Granite

  • Black Granite T Shape Hearth

  • Titanium Granite Sheets

  • Titanium Granite T Shaped Hearth

  • Black Granite Hearth with Great Polish