WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  Following the advice provided by the British Government, Stone Source LTD (and subsidiary businesses) we have re-opened our showroom and stone yard and manufacturing however there are some new rules in place:

  • Access to our yard is restricted at the current time, and would encourage customers to pre-book appointments; Please contact one of our main numbers on arrival:               01463 238222 /01463 229777 /01463 718263
  • If you do not have an appointment, please call 01463 238222/ 01463 229777 / 01463 718263, who will be able to advise on access availability;
  • Anyone wishing to enter Stone Source Yard/Showroom, will be asked to stand in front of a heat sensitive camera to check for temperature;
  • Please ensure you main a 2 meter distance at all times;
  • Please ensure you follow current government guidelines surrounding face coverings; 
  • Although our products are tempting to touch, please try to refrain from touching as little as possible

The Stone Source Sales, Design and Pricing Teams are continuing with quoting, assisting designs and developing projects as usual.

Do please get in touch with any queries or with any ideas for projects. 

You can contact us through the usual channels:

01463 238222 info@stone-source.co.uk

01463 718263 derek@stone-source.co.uk

01463 229777 scott@stone-source.co.uk

Please do not enter if:

  1.  You have signs of a fever or high temperature; 
  2. You have a persistent cough;
  3. You have been in contact with anyone with Coronavirus