Brazilian Grey Slate

Our Brazilian Grey Slate is a must for those who love slate, but are looking for something different to black. Great colour plus classic looks and your choice of shape size and finish combine to make these hearths exceptional.



Material Info

What is Brazilian Slate?

Brazilian Slate is a hard wearing cost effective material with a striking appearance.  The surface is one of the smoother riven split stones, although it will still have some movement and texture within, similar to that of a leather writing desk. Brazilian Slate is easily maintained and the grey color makes it perfect for this purpose.

What is special about our Brazilian Slate Hearths

Our Brazilian Slate Hearths are sourced directly from one of the regions finest quarries, where density of material and quality of surface are a priority.  We know that each hearth will be slightly different in color and texture which makes each one unique.

How thick are our Brazilian Slate Hearths?

All hearths are calibrated to 30mm.

What Shapes do we provide?

We cut our Brazilian Grey slate sheets to virtually any shape.  We also finish them in many ways which gives wide options for our customers.  We can make them polished or matt and edged in many ways.  

We offer a very sharp price plus an unbeatable delivery time which is highly competitive. Also we have a nationwide delivery service so you can rely on us getting our hearth to you. 




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