Material Info

What is Sandstone?

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made up of compacted sand.   Sandstone is one of the most common types of sedimentary rock, as it is often mied for use as a construction materla or as a raw material used in manufacturing.  The grey to black colour, offers a sleek, elegant and modern looking stone.

What is special about our Sandstone Hearths?

Our team of highly skilled workmen are highly experienced  which means that we do get things right for you.

 We have selected the material ourselves from ethical suppliers so you can be happy with our green credentials

How thick are our sandstone hearths?

The Hearth can be provided in its natural thickness, or normally calibrated to 30mm which gives you great flexibility within your home.

What Shapes do we provide?

As with all our hearths you can have every shape from a rough irregular look to a very classy style smoothly shaped finish. The finishing really distinguishes our hearths from the rest, and to get more information please complete the attached template.  Sandstone however, as well as the finished edging, has an additional finish of being left natural – giving your hearth a real rugged finish.

We have a nationwide delivery package so you can get your hearth anywhere in the country.Look at our delivery page for details.We are happy too for customers to collect

We work hard to turn orders round very quickly which means we match or beat our competitors.

What else might you need?

Apart from Hearthstone we provide a wide range of complementary stone including tiles and worktops.  Have a look at our sister sites: or 

Do we satisfy our customers? We can only ask that you look at our testimonials