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Material Info

What is Marble? 

Marble has been one of the most beautiful and sought-after stones for centuries.  Whether its as pure white snow or streaked with  dramatic colorful veins, each piece of marble is a unique and stunning work of art.  Being a metamorphic rock, marble not only is stunning to look at, will give any home a luxurious feel.

What is special about our marble hearths? 

We stock a wide range of marble which we constantly update.  This means that you will get something unique to yourself which makes your hearth special.

We make all our hearths ourselves in our workshop which makes sure our quality is first class.

Our buyer meets our suppliers in their quarries which ensures your material will be right.

Our manufacturing team work to high standards which means that the work on your hearth will be exact.

We value your customer which means we will be delighted to discuss your needs fully with you.

How thick are our marble hearths?

Marble hearths are normally 30mm thick.

What shapes do we provide?

Marble lends itself well to a highly individual look which we can cut and shape to your exact needs .

We work from large sheets so normally your hearth can be made from one sheet unless you want otherwise

We can cut virtually any shape so you will find us very flexible.  Contact us to find out how flexible

What Else should I know

Your marble hearth should be sealed because it is porous and can be stained.Contact us about options

Ideally you should see and touch this material to fully appreciate what we have in stock but we have done our best in our gallery! ALTERNATIVELY DO COME AND SEE OUR SHOWROOM.

A marble hearth often needs other stone such as backing plates or mantles.  Make sure you ask us  as we will be very happy to help.

Putting in a hearth is often part of a much bigger project which we can help you with.Have a look at our sister site Stone Source Ltd to see how

Finally check our testimonials pages .Good luck with your project

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