Honed Caithness Slate

Material Info

What is Honed Caithness Slate?

Caithness Slate is a unique material only found in the far north of Scotland.  This remarkable and unique natural material is one of the most versatile slates on the market.  The flagstone is an attractive, durable stone which is fine grained with a dark grey colour, emphasised by the honing process – removing the natural riven, giving a smooth matt surface.   

Why are our Caithness Slate Hearths so unique?

For a start they are highly individual.

We choose our slate from our chosen quarry in Caithness so you have a uniquely Scottish product.

The slate comes in a wide range of shades so you will have a hearth special to you.

Our specialist team  of quality craftsmen, cut your hearth to your size and specification at our workshops here in Inverness.

We have been doing this for many years, so you have the benefit of all our experience in the craft of stone cutting, but also our expertise in sourcing the best raw materials.  

You have the choice of riven oiled natural or honed finishes so this will fit your decor.

Our team are experts in cutting  regular or random shapes to give you what you want (few shapes or edges are beyond our capabilities in this superb slate). 

How thick are the hearths?

The normal thickness of this slate is 40mm but contact us for more information.

What shape are the hearths?

As with all our hearths you can have every shape from a rough irregular look to a very classy style smoothly shaped finish. The finishing really distinguishes our hearths from the rest, and to get more information please complete the attached template.

We have a nationwide delivery package so you can get your hearth anywhere in the country.  Look at our delivery page for details.  We are happy too for customers to collect. 

We work hard to turn orders round very quickly which means we match or beat our competitors.

If you want evidence of quality just look at our testimonials

What else can be done with this slate

We can provide  backing stone, windowsills and tabletops which will complete your picture!.

We can supply a wide range of tiles and other stone which will allow you to complement your hearth.See our sister site Stonesource for more information

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